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The Sportviz Story

The story behind Aquaviz and Sportviz

Lying on a beach and contemplating life... and the people around him, Bob Forgan noticed how many people had to remove their eyeglasses before running into the surf to enjoy the crystal clear ocean experience....

... or do they?

Blurred vision and half the experience, even with the duty free swimming goggles or the expensive prescription mask that cost nearly as much as the flight there.

Surely there was a better way?...this clearly needed looking into and much to the disgust of his wife, Bob spent the rest of his much needed holiday working out just how to do it.

On the flight home Bob was putting the finishing touches to a unique concept that could change the way we experience water based recreation

As Managing Director of a company supplying lenses in their millions to the optical industry, Bob has more than 35 years experience understanding the needs of eyeglass and contact lens wearers.

With manufacturing contacts throughout the world Bob was able to draw on their expertise and within months had the prototypes of the revolutionary Aquaviz mask.

Recognising the adaptability of his unique (and now patented) snap-in design Bob and the rest of his management team then set about designing eyewear for other activities and the Sportviz product range was born.   

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