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Ordering Prescription Lenses

You need to have an up to date copy of your spectacle / eyeglass prescription (this is different from a contact lens prescription) before you can place an order for VIZSURE prescription lenses and we can only supply wearers over 16 years of age. Your prescription is in date so long as it is not over 2 years old unless it states otherwise. If you are over 70 then it must be no more than 1 year old.

Your prescription must be entered into our online order form when ordering prescription lenses in a prescription insert. If you have any doubts about whether you have done it correctly, you can email a scanned copy of your prescription with your order number to us so that we can then check it for any obvious errors before proceeding with your order.

Your prescription may seem a little confusing at first glance but it really is quite simple to understand.

R and L

‘R’ or 'OD' refers to your right eye, ‘L’ or 'OS' to your left.

SPH (sphere)

The amount of power required to correct your vision.

Plus (+) lenses are used to correct long / far sightedness (Hyperopia / Hypermetropia).

Minus (-) lenses are used to correct short / near sightedness (Myopia).

The higher the number, the stronger the lens required.

CYL (cylinder)

The amount of correction (if required) to remove any visual distortion, caused by an irregularly shaped cornea known as an Astigmatism.


The direction that the cylinder (if required) will be built into your lenses to correct your Astigmatism. It is measured in degrees between 0 and 180.


Any correction (if required) to help balance your eye muscles so they work as a pair more comfortably. A prism is a lens that bends the path of light without altering its focus. If your prescription contains a prism, please contact us with your full prescription as your lenses may need to be custom made which may incur an additional fee.

ADD Near

This is the amount of correction that must be added to your distance prescription to enable you to see near objects clearly (this is needed for all bifocal and varifocal orders).

ADD Inter

This entry is not relevant and should be ignored but it is the amount of correction that needs to be added to your prescription to enable you to cope with intermediate distances, such as working at a computer or reading music.

We strongly recommend you ask for your PD (Pupillary Distance) from your eye care professional. This is the measurement of the distance between your pupils, but if you do not have it we can determine a PD measurement for you. Nevertheless, it is quite simple to measure your own PD.

The best way is to have a friend help you. Look at a point in the distance whilst your friend takes the measurement in millimetres. It is easier and more accurate to measure from the limbus to limbus as the high contrast boundary is easier to see. (The limbus is where the white part of the eye meets the coloured part of the eye). This will give you the same measurement as measuring from the centre of the pupils.

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